Kyoko doing the Shiba Shake

Kyoko, Queen of Shibas

Kyoko is a feisty redhead with an independent spirit. As a Shiba Inu, she’s a full-fledged member of the canine species. And as such…she’s a dog. But make no mistake, she won’t let your expectations of a dog define her. Fetch? Pffft. Stay? Yeah, right. Roll over? Not on your life. But like all of the worlds’ beings, she has her special talents that make her unique.

Kyoko is a super hooper, able to leap through small hoops in a single bound. Not because we asked her to. She does it to get to the liver treats on the other side.

Birthday: January 15

Breed: Shiba Inu

Theme song: “Can’t Pet This” by MC Hammer

Favorite hangout: Anywhere in the sun

Favorite treat: Liver treats

Best trick: Hoop jumping

Favorite toy: Squeeky fox

Difurrcity is a happiness brand that celebrates people who just want to be themselves. At Difurrcity, We Embrace Individuality and Revere Diversity. We’re just W.E.I.R.D. like that. In the spirit of Kyoko, we try not to let society’s expectations of “what’s normal” define us.

People generally want to be accepted. When you pressure yourself to fit in with the crowd, you lose a part of yourself. The result is that you get less satisfaction out of life. The world needs you just the way you are.

You possess unique gifts or talents that were purposely created to help those around you. You have valuable perspective that inspires others to expand their minds. Maybe you participate in quirky interests and hobbies that help build community and delight others with new and exciting experiences. The world needs you to rise above the negative talk of others so you can give back. Be yourself. There’s only one, and there is no substitute.

We all have our differences. Embrace yours, and respect those of others. Go ahead, Dare to Be a Rare Breed. 

Kristie and Mark

Difurrcity creates quality t-shirts, jewelry, household goods, collectibles, and gifts for Shiba Inu owners and fans.

Kyoko doing the Shiba Shake