Difurrcity delivers quality gifts for Shiba Inu owners and fans.

We capture the independent spirit of the Shiba Inu in every product we develop. Our mantra — Be a Rare Breed — is at the core of our message. If you’re a Shiba fan, you know well and good that Shibas aren’t like other dogs. After all, why should they let the word “dog” define them?

I’m not weird. I’m a rare breed.

People can be like that sometimes too. Not everybody wants to “be normal” just to fit in with the crowd. To that, we say Bravo! We celebrate people who just want to be themselves. In the spirit of the Shiba, we try not to let society’s expectations of “what’s normal” define us.

Why be normal when you can be re-BARK-able?

Celebrate your uniqueness with our quality products.

Declare your wild spirit!
Proclaim your eccentricity!
Assert your independence!
Affirm your rebellious nature!
Celebrate your diversity!

Dare to Be a Rare Breed and Happy Shopping!

Kyoko doing the Shiba Shake